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Paving v’s Decking

Concrete paving and wooden decking has been around for centuries and the two are always trying to get the better of one another, according to the style icons of the garden. When it’s dry, both paving and decking make your garden look immensely beautiful, but it’s not always dry is it? That’s right, we live Read More

Is it true that tarmac can melt?

During the hot season (yes, we’re aware it’s winter!) each year, it is always a nice time to relax with friends and family, because everyone is usually in high and happy spirits. We all know how to counteract a hot sweat because that’s typically the biggest problem during these times, but what we really should Read More

Halloween is approaching…

In case you didn’t know, Halloween is next week and it is literally on our doorsteps, well our driveways! Our front yards are decorated with spooky pumpkins and ‘trick or treaters’ are constantly stomping across the lawn for sweets and treats. Halloween brings dozens of children and adults dressed up in ghoulish costumes, trying to Read More

Paving done the right way

It’s all in the title really! Every soldier who has received the prestigious Victoria Cross Award by doing honourable actions for the nation will receive special paving stones with their names engraved in it. A total of 28 late World War 1 Veterans will be chosen and unveiled next year and each year up until Read More

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