Stunning New Driveway in Heald Green Completed this Summer!

It certainly seems like it’s the start of Autumn, but with all the rain we have had over the last few weeks, did we actually have a Summer? Before all the wet weather, Planet Surfacing completed a project in Heald Green, Stockport.

Our clients wanted a new pattern imprinted concrete driveway in Heald Green, which was to cover the entire area across the front of the house with a little simple, low maintenance border in one corner of it.

For their new driveway in Heald Green, our clients opted to have Ashlar print coloured in platinum grey and with a charcoal release. You can see what the combination of this pattern and colour looked like from the photographs included. Including the charcoal release gives depth to what could be a flat colour and creates a more textured looking surface.

We also added a cobble circle which made a great focal point. The circle complemented the semi-circular shape of the border that it was next to. We acid stained all of the driveway edging as well as the outer cobbles of the cobble circle. As you can see from the photographs this darker colour gives greater definition to the borders.

To complete the project, we sealed the whole of the new driveway in Heald Green with a mid-sheen seal including plenty of anti-slip. In addition, we didn’t just install the pattern imprinted concrete driveway in Heald Green but also supplied and fitted the fence and the gravel.

One of the things we love about installing a new driveway in Heald Green is the people we get to meet. As always, the client was a pleasure to work for supplied our installer with food and drink all day. A personal thank you from us to them for this.

Thinking of a Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway in Heald Green?

If you are considering having a pattern imprinted concrete driveway in Heald Green, call Planet Surfacing today on 01619451208 or alternatively call 01625460238 for a free no obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

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