New pattern imprinted concrete driveway

A Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway That makes a House Accessible.

It’s easy to forget how challenging life can be if you have limited mobility. Simply getting from A to B even in a mobility scooter can be difficult, so accessibility around the home is vital. An important aspect of this is the driveway. It’s the first thing to cross when you arrive home, so it should be easy to traverse. The size of the driveway and the type of surface used can play a key role in this. Cobbles and gravel can cause all sorts of problems for someone using a wheelchair or mobility scooter and a narrow driveway can be hard to manoeuvre around. However, there are some great options that enable easy movement, one example being pattern imprinted concrete. The added benefit of this is that for a new driveway it can also be laid into any shape so can be tailored to the needs of someone in a mobility scooter.

Planet Surfacing recently completed the installation of a stunning pattern imprinted concrete driveway for a family whose son has an electric disability scooter. It was a simple design with nice flowing lines and no awkward angles or tight corners. It was also a wide driveway providing plenty of space.
For the pattern for their new driveway our clients opted for it to be printed in royal ashlar and chose dove grey for the colour. A charcoal release was added. This creates different depths of colour and tone to add definition to the surface.

We also added 2 recessed manhole covers. Covering these with concrete means that they can be disguised instead of being an unwanted feature of the pattern imprinted concrete driveway. An ACO drain was also incorporated along the front of the driveway in order to make it SUDs compliant. Having a drain is vital as the concrete is not porous, so a channel for rainwater to flow into is needed.

The border was acid stained in order define the shape of the driveway and we inserted ground spot lights into the pattern imprinted concrete driveway to make it stand out even more. A few other upward lights were added in the boarders and amongst the trees.

The simple addition of lights not only makes the garden look magical after dark but also gives support and stability for our client’s son in his mobility scooter. While we will organise and oversee any electrical work that is needed, we don’t do it ourselves, we leave it to the experts. We used MJD Electrical Services Ltd.

The final part of the process was to complete the driveway by apply a mid-sheen acrylic seal with anti-slip agent across the surface.

Need a New Driveway to Improve the Accessibility to your Home?

If you would like advice on how to make your driveway a more practical space, whether that’s to create more room for parking, improve manoeuvrability or increase accessibility for a wheelchair user or someone who has a mobility scooter, we can design a new driveway that fits your requirements. We can also provide you with reliable, informed advice on what materials are best suited to your needs. To find out more ring Planet Surfacing on 0161 9451208.

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