New Tarmac Driveway in Wilmslow

Give Your Outside Space a Facelift with a New Driveway in Wilmslow!

Is your driveway in need of a facelift. Are the cracks starting to show? Has heavy usage over the years caused the colour to fade or is it simply the case that you want to update the driveway to fit more with the look of your property? A new driveway in Wilmslow could be the solution.

Tarmac is a great cost-effective option for a new driveway in Wilmslow. It’s easy to maintain and keep clean, it looks good, and it can be used for any shape and size of driveway. While choosing tarmac may not give you the range of colour choice that you can have with other driveway materials such as pattern imprinted concrete, or block paving, when you combine it with block edging and kerbstones it can be attractive and nicely finish off any property.

Of course, with any tarmac driveway in Wilmslow, it should be professionally installed, and the correct steps followed to ensure that it doesn’t fail. When the wrong products are used or mixed in the wrong way, or the base is not prepared correctly the driveway will not last. Planet Surfacing have been installing driveways for many years and they are guaranteed to last.

We recently laid a tarmac driveway in Wilmslow. We started the process by excavating the area and diffing to a depth of 300mm. We then used charcoal blocks to picture frame the edges of the new driveway in Wilmslow. It’s important to put edging in as it keeps the tarmac in place. If it’s not restrained the edges of the surface will crack and crumble after repeated use.

Once the block edging was in place, we then laid a wet SBR concrete mix. It’s important to use this as it toughens the tarmac. We put a step at the side door using KL kerbs and added a recessed manhole tray. We then laid a base course of tarmac followed by a 6mm aggregate over the top for the top finish. You can see what this looked like from the photographs included.

Choose a Tarmac Driveway in Wilmslow!

If you are thinking of having a tarmac driveway in Wilmslow, get in touch with Planet Surfacing, call 0161 9451 208 or 01625 460 238. We only ever use reputable, and market leading suppliers of our materials and our staff are all experienced and trained. We look forward to hearing from you.

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