Wallcrete Render comes to Manchester

Wallcrete Render – The Next Big Trend!

Planet Surfacing recently completed a project in Manchester, building an outdoor living area for our clients which included a patio, new corner wall and fencing.

One of the nicest parts of this project was building the wall which became a stunning feature in itself! We built it and then used Wallcrete render. If you haven’t already heard of this product, then no doubt you soon will. It is very popular in America and is set to become the next big thing over here, so why not get ahead and set the trend!

So, what is Wallcrete render? It is an advanced lightweight render that recreates the appearance of natural products such as stone and rock. With this project it provided a stunning finish to the external walls that it was applied to. You can tailor how you use Wallcrete render to suit your requirements. You can mix the colour and texture according to what you want. In this instance we mixed the colour to highlight single bricks and mixed it to print as a dry stack wall, but the possibilities are endless meaning you can have a feature that is bespoke to you.

In addition, we used Indian stone for the coping along the top of the wall which finished it off beautifully and also erected fencing to create a clear boundary. As a final feature, external lights were fitted at various intervals along the wall which were a great way to illuminate the area and create a relaxing atmosphere for an evening spent in the garden.

Why Choose Planet Surfacing for Wallcrete in Manchester?

If you are considering having Wallcrete in Manchester, it’s important to get in the professionals. That’s because the preparation and process of installing it follows very specific stages and the installer needs to understand how to apply the Wallcrete in Manchester as well as understand the surface that it is being applied to.

If you like what you see in the photographs included about this project and want to find out more about Wallcrete in Manchester, then get in touch with us today for a free no obligation quote. Call 0161 9451208 or 01625 460238.

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