New Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway and Patio in Gatley

Gorgeous New Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway and Patio!

Planet Surfacing recently undertook transforming the outside space of a house in the Gatley area of Stockport. This project involved working on an extensive area both to the front and rear of the house as well as to the side.

Our clients wanted to have a new pattern imprinted concrete driveway across the front of the house which would provide ample parking for two cars. We followed the line of the existing border and trees to the front and side of the house, working the concrete into a nice curve, creating a gentle flow rather than severe straight lines. We also added an ACO drain along the front of the property to give somewhere for surface water to run into. We worked with the natural direction of the slope when deciding on the location of the drain. This addition ensured that the new driveway in Gatley was SUDS compliant. We also fitted top quality security posts across the front of the new driveway in Gatley for safer parking.

While laying the new driveway, we also installed a raised patio in Gatley, running the full length of the back of the house. The patio was raised in order to accommodate the height of the patio doors with a double step down onto the lawn. The steps were full shuttered to ensure everything was in keeping. It’s this kind of detail that requires skill and professionalism, but that’s the standard that you can expect from Planet Surfacing when you have a new pattern imprinted concrete driveway or new patio in Gatley!

A path along the side of the house and a path leading to the patio area at the end of the garden which housed the shed and hot tub, was also laid all in the same pattern imprinted concrete.
Our clients decided to have their new pattern imprinted concrete driveway, patio in Gatley and paths printed in Ashlar and coloured in Steadman Buff with a mahogany release. The release added definition to the pattern and depth to the colour. Using the same pattern and colour throughout the area around the house beautifully complemented it and created a cohesive feel to the front and back of it, each area being linked together.

As the final part of the process, the driveway and patio were covered in an acrylic seal with anti-slip. You can see the amazing results from the photographs included.

As part of this project, we also turfed the back garden and now with the garden furniture in place you can see the full impact of this transformation. It demonstrates what this kind of addition to a house can look like, not just when finished, but when being lived with and used on a day-to-day basis.

Thinking of having a New Driveway in Gatley or a New Patio in Gatley?

If you are thinking of having a new driveway in Gatley or a patio then get in touch with Planet Surfacing. We can handle the installation of the driveway or patio as well as landscape the surrounding area, planting shrubs and trees, building walls as well as taking care of any other part of the design. For a free no obligation quote, call 0161 9451208 or 01625 460238.

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